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Breath of Life Book 1 of my new series Witches of Aquarius will be available on Amazon & Smashwords on Halloween. The rest of the ebook suppliers will become available over the next two weeks along with the paperback.

As man began to believe in the One God and Islam and Christianity spread, magic faded from the world. With Pisces riding high in the sky, the belief in magic fell and so too did the Old Gods, those ancient beings of magic who sought sacrifice and dominance. With only belief to sustain them, these demi-gods fell into a restless slumber, waiting for the opportunity to dominate man again.

Now, with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, magic is finally returning and the Old Gods are awakening. Far from benevolent souls, these Gods live for worship and sacrifice, obedience or death. Magic ensures their return to a modern world eager to believe and unprepared for the consequences of that belief.

To battle this threat, a mysterious old man brings together a group of reincarnated souls who have fought side by side for millennia. Liridona, a beautiful witch, with a power she is afraid to use. Donovan, a disgraced University professor, who has lived his life believing that science is the only religion. Cal, a Hopi NYPD detective, who is unaware that logic and deduction are not his greatest gifts. Andreas, a Spartan Warrior, who finds the violence too enticing.

These fate-locked souls are the Witches of Aquarius and they are our only hope to defeat the Old Gods.

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